Body Sculpting in Ontario

Body sculpting in Ontario

Dr. Niessen and his staff offer the full range of Body Sculpting options for patients. Least invasive is Injection Lipolysis. Here, a naturally occurring compound called PPC (Phosphatidyl Choline) is injected into the fat deposits immediately beneath the skin. This causes rupture of the fat cells and their natural removal by your body. Once removed, these fat cells cannot return. This is a quick office based treatment and patients may resume their regular activities immediately. Typically, results are apparent at 2 weeks and are completed by 8 weeks. For removal of larger volumes of fat, liposuction is a popular option. This involves the surgical removal of fat using a vacuuming machine in the operating room. The fat is removed through small incisions (typically 1 cm). Multiple areas can be treated at the same time. Patients wear a compression garment (such as a girdle) for approximately 6 weeks post procedure. For fat areas which are resistant to diet and exercise and which also have areas of excess skin, an abdominoplasty is the best way to proceed.

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