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Breast Implants (Placement)

Breast implants

During breast augmentation, implants will either be placed under the chest wall (submuscular) or on top of the muscle and under the breast gland (subglandular).

Submuscular placement may provide you with youthful-looking breasts for a longer time, may reduce the chances of your implants being felt through your skin, and it may help reduce the chance of scar tissue hardening around your implants (capsular contracture). It will also make it easier to image your breast during a mammogram.

Possible disadvantages of this placement choice could be a longer surgery and recovery time.

Subglandular placement can make your augmentation surgery shorter and reduce your recovery time.

Possible disadvantages could be having your implant edges more visibly noticeable under your skin. Imaging during a mammogram can also be more difficult when your implants are placed subglandularly.

Dr. Niessen at Windsor Plastic Surgery is happy to talk with you about how both placement options relate to your individual needs, so that you can make a decision about which option is right for you. Fill out our contact form on the left or visit our contact page to book your breast implant appointment at our Windsor Plastic Surgery Clinic.

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