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Welcome to Windsor Plastic Surgery

For many women, feeling confident goes hand in hand with looking their best. For thousands of women, achieving such confidence and personal satisfaction has come from choosing tummy tuck surgery, cosmetic breast surgery and facial cosmetic surgery (Face Lift/ InvisibleLift™)...

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About us

Dr. Niessen has been in practice since 1997. He offers the only private, fully accredited surgical facility in Essex county.

All surgery is performed personally by Dr. Niessen...

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For Men

Cosmetic plastic surgery is no longer strictly the realm of woman. Increasingly, men are seeking out procedures to rejuvenate themselves and give themselves an “edge” both professionally and in the social marketplace. Looking good means feeling good which translates into confidence.

Despite their best efforts, many men find that there are areas of fat which are resistant to their best efforts at diet and exercise. Liposuction is a practical and cost effective way of addressing these areas. The procedure involves a short anaesthetic and tiny incisions through which a stainless steel cannula (tube) is passed. Problematic fat is vacuumed out. Once removed, this fat can never return. Post procedure, a custom fitted garment...

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