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Why is a necklift important for people who use fillers and botox?

As we age, skin and muscles in our neck become loose and start to sag.  We also tend to accumulate fat here, too.  Fillers can create a youthful face, but work poorly correcting aging in the neck.  A neck lift removes and tightens excess skin and reduces the appearance of muscle bands.  It corrects the disconnect between an older looking neck and a younger looking face.  It’s especially true in younger people who claim “my neck gives me away.”  A younger and defined neck contour is what they’re hoping to achieve.

Fillers can plump up facial features and restore lost volume in the face.  They’re unlikely to provide an improved jawline and chin definition, which usually improve the appearance of the neck at the same time.  By combining fillers and Botox with a neck lift, patients can achieve a balanced overall aesthetic. Remember, a neck lift simultaneously corrects jowls. How great is that!

Long term results: Fillers provide results which last several months to a couple years, depending on which injectable is used.  On the other hand, a necklift provides longer lasting results.  Having a necklift provides individuals with a rejuvenated neck appearance which lasts for years.

Have a look at Dr. Niessen’s necklifts in the GALLERY. Come and tell him what you’d like to change. Every person has unique concerns and desires. Tell him yours. He’ll discuss best fit for you.

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