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All about facelift and necklift surgery

Facelift / necklift surgery continues to increase in popularity as baby boomers and Gen X’ers want to look as good as they feel. People in both groups don’t like the disconnect between how the person staring back at them from the mirror looks compared with how they would like to look. A person’s face/neck is the first thing every other person sees. Regardless of what you’re wearing, or how successful or nice you are: from the shoulders up is how every person forms their first impression of you.

Good facelift / necklift surgery makes you look rested and youthful; you’ll appear healthy, happy and confident, without looking “done”. Among plastic surgeons, the hallmark of good facelift / necklift surgery is this: Everyone notices you look good but nobody knows why.

Necklift / facelift surgery rejuvenates the lower face and neck. People who request it don’t like the disconnect between the appearance of their neck and their face: “I don’t like the way my neck looks so old, compared to the rest of my face”. Facial fillers and botox don’t improve the signs of aging in the neck. A necklift does, and it removes jowls at the same time. Incisions (and the scars they become ) are short and difficult to see. They’re in the crease behind the ear and extend a short way into the scalp (they’re covered by hair). There are no scars in front of the ear. A necklift is a great fit for people who don’t need a facelift but are uncomfortable with their “old-looking neck”.

Facial fillers (injectables) may be a short term fix for early signs of facial aging. Facelift surgery offers a bigger correction that lasts longer. Incisions are the same as a necklift with a short scar in front of the ear extending up into the scalp (covered by hair). These scars fade with time and are difficult to detect. A facelift provides long term correction of facial aging because the tissues under the skin are rejuvenated. There’s a muscle layer under the skin which moves the skin on top of it (when we smile, laugh, frown etc.) That muscle layer is tightened. Only surgery can do that.

Dr. Niessen provides facelift / necklift surgery at Windsor Surgical Centre. It is state of the art, and Windsor’s only private surgical facility to obtain the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario highest accreditation. Facelift / necklift surgery is usually done under twilight anesthesia, provided by an anesthesiologist from Windsor Regional Hospital. Surgery typically takes two-three hours. After surgery, you’ll be attended to by a Post-Anesthesia Care Unit RN. You’ll be able to go home about two hours after your surgery, and you will have a dressing on. Discomfort is easily managed with a prescription you will be provided. Your dressing is removed 5 days later when you see Dr. Niessen. It’s that simple.

If you’re curious about whether facial cosmetic surgery is right for you, contact us and Dr. Niessen will provide you with honest and thorough information.

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