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Many women come into our office with concerns about cellulite on their legs, or fat deposits which they cannot get rid of, no matter how much weight they lose. They may have previously tried over the counter products, which have left them feeling dissappointed. A very exciting procedure has hit the market! It’s called injection lipolysis or Lipodissolve.

A substance called phosphatidycholine (PPC) is directly injected into undesired fat deposits, simply melting superfluous fat away. The active ingredient is a natural compound made from soybean. The body itself produces this substance in the same composition in order to have multiple tasks performed, especially in the field of fat metabolism. This new therapy was discovered and developed by Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner in Austria. He formed the Network-lipolysis in 2004 to educate and train physicians in his new technique. Dr. Niessen was personally taught by Dr. Hasengschwandtner.

Lipolysis injections must not be regarded as a new miracle drug for weight reduction. However, for fat deposits which cannot be eliminated by diet or exercise, lipolysis injections initiate a process where fat is melted away, and then eliminated from the body via the usual metabolic process.

The medication is injected directly into the area concerned. Fat cells start to melt away and are eliminated. What is impressive is that due to its elasticity, the skin contracts and tightens to build a smooth homogenous surface. This is a significant advantage over liposuction.

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